The member of SHISEIDO HAIR&MAKEUP ARTIST work on a range of domestic and international projects. Each one of the 40 or so artists is an employee of Shiseido and actively works on commissions as varied as commercial advertisements, shows, events and seminars.

For prospective clients planning to book a hair and makeup artist, there are a range of questions that often arise. Are Shiseido artists allowed to use other brands’ products? Are their rates expensive? How will they interpret our concept through hair and makeup? Can they propose a range of ideas? With these questions in mind, managing producers Junko Kurosaka and Masayo Doshima provide an insight into Shiseido's hair and makeup team.

When talking about Shiseido, it can feel like quite an exclusive brand.

Kurosaka: I’m often asked, “Do you only use Shiseido makeup products?” However, that’s not the case and we are actually quite flexible in how we respond to requests.

Shiseido Beauty Creation Center’s Junko Kurosaka oversees artist management.

Doshima: Our professional hair and makeup artists work around the world on projects as varied as book publishing and solo exhibitions, so occasionally when clients make enquiries, they have the impression that our fees will be quite high.
In reality, we approach requests on a case by case basis. As producers we are happy to see an artist expand their scope of work, so we welcome all kinds of enquiries. We discuss details such as the scale of the project, number of artists required and use of credits, before making a final decision on the fees.

Shiseido Beauty Creation Center’s Masayo Doshima manages fashion-related enquiries.

What kind of requests do you accept? What is the process?

Doshima: Aside from fashion and beauty magazines, we also accept a wide range of requests including photoshoots for CD covers, music videos, commercials, advertisements and posters, along with fashion shows and lookbooks. We have a number of award-winning artists, including winners from the Japan Hairdressing Awards (JHA), so we receive lots of requests for beauty school seminars, contest judging and hair show demonstrations.

Hair and makeup for models and talent on magazine and advertising shoots

Hair and makeup for CD cover and music video shoots

Backstage hair and makeup for runway shows and events at fashion weeks in New York, Paris, and Tokyo

Seminars, contest judging and hair show demonstrations by award-winning and progressive artists

Kurosaka: When fielding requests, I often hear that the client has had a good experience with a SHISEIDO HAIR&MAKEUP ARTIST and would like to book them again. In addition to actresses, models or talent requesting an artist they enjoyed working with on a Shiseido product advertising shoot, we also receive online and telephone enquiries.
If there is no request for a specific artist, we ask if there is a preference for an artist with a particular strength in hair or makeup. After hearing about the genre, scene and overall style of the project, we introduce the most suitable artist.

Doshima: Based on the overall style and expression being proposed, the artist will present a concrete plan for turning ideas into reality. The member of SHISEIDO HAIR&MAKEUP ARTIST have an extensive vocabulary when it comes to beauty, allowing them to explain detailed concepts in a clear manner.

Kurosaka: We've even delivered on the challenge of temporarily turning a blonde idol’s hair black for a photoshoot. Even if you think your request might be too difficult, we encourage you to make an enquiry regardless.

Post-enquiry process. If an artist is unavailable on the nominated day, another suitable artist will be presented.

What are the strengths of SHISEIDO HAIR&MAKEUP ARTIST?

Kurosaka: One strength is their high level of technical ability. The artists draw on references from a wide range of experiences, both in Japan and abroad, while at the same time continuing to refine their individual talents. Also, by presenting their practical skills at hair shows and other events, they have gained a reputation for impressive performances and presentation skills.

Doshima: The teamwork of the 40 or so members is another strength. For large shows featuring dozens of models, an equivalent number of artists are dispatched. The team’s close communication results in a unified approach that allows them to deliver high quality hair and make up.
We also draw on the rich experience of our hair and makeup artists to teach and nurture young artists. For example, after the conclusion of Paris and New York fashion weeks, the artists who worked backstage hold a study group with young artists to share the on-trend techniques they observed. Shiseido has been overseeing hair and makeup at global fashion weeks for more than 40 years. What sets us apart is the way we use the knowledge we gain to further develop our expertise in Japan.