Hair and makeup school SABFA seminars [May/June]

Hair and makeup school SABFA seminars [May/June]

You can learn directly from Shiseido hair & makeup artists through seminars from hair and makeup school SABFA [May/June]!

  • Yoshiko Jinguji
  • Hironori Irie
  • Natsuko Nakayama
  • Toyoyoshi Shinotsuka
  • Jun Nakamura
  • Mikiya Fujioka
  • Kouichi Monma
  • Sachiko Hayashi

We are pleased to announce that seminars will be held from May to June at the hair and makeup school SABFA, where Shiseido hair & makeup artists teach courses.

SABFA (Shiseido Academy of Beauty and Fashion) is a school operated by Shiseido to train professional hair and makeup artists. At the school, students can learn directly from Shiseido hair & makeup artists who are active in domestic and international fashion shows such as Paris Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week, as well as in advertising and magazines.

Hirofumi Kera, Shiseido's top hair and makeup artist, is the principal of the school, and Ikuko Shindo is the technical director.

Students can acquire knowledge that can be immediately applied to their work, such as fundamental techniques and the aesthetic sense and sensitivity essential for artists.

SABFA has a Harajuku school that you can attend while working, an online school, and a variety of seminars that you can take on a one-time basis.

For those who want to brush up their hair and makeup skills or take SABFA classes on a trial basis, please check out our seminars.

For more details and to register for seminars, please visit the "Seminars" section of the SABFA HP.
*Seminars are conducted in Japanese.