Hair&Makeup for Shiseido Running Club athletes!

Hair&Makeup for Shiseido Running Club athletes!

  • Nozomi Onda
  • Taro Kobayashi
  • Marina Tsukahara

The Tokyo International Women's Marathon, the world's first women-only international marathon, was held in 1979. That same year, Shiseido Co., Ltd. founded the Shiseido Running Club for the female employees who participated in the marathon. Since then, Shiseido has sent numerous athletes out into the world to compete as representatives of Japan.
The Shiseido Running Club participates in a wide variety of events, from track events to marathons, and four of its current members have represented Japan in international competitions. In 2022, the Shiseido Running Club won the All-Japan Women's Corporate Ekiden Championships, considered the top women's ekiden relay race in all of Japan. The team set a new tournament record, clinching their second victory in 16 years.

Shiseido hair&makeup artists handled the team’s hair and makeup for their official photos.

From left:
Chepaskwony Judy Jepngetich, Rio Hoshii, Mao Ichiyama, Tomoka Kimura, Yuka Takashima, Rino Goshima, Kain Maeda, Nanako Otani, Saya Kinoshita

恩田 希 Nozomi Onda

恩田 希 - Nozomi Onda


Artist who leads the next generation with her style and flexible approach

小林 太郎 Taro Kobayashi

小林 太郎 - Taro Kobayashi


Drawing on a wealth of experience, his multifaceted approach shares the fun of beauty. Specialises in upswept hairstyles

塚原 茉里奈 Marina Tsukahara

塚原 茉里奈 - Marina Tsukahara


She is an artist who leads the next generation, specializes in a futuristic worldview, and creates unique designs.

Instagram: TSUKACHI_hma