"Men's Beauty Up Course [Advanced]"

"Men's Beauty Up Course [Advanced]"

Tadashi Harada supervises the men's makeup seminar "Men's Beauty Up Course [Advanced]"

  • Tadashi Harada

Shiseido Top Hair&Makeup Artist Tadashi Harada supervised the men's makeup seminar "Men's Beauty Up Course [Advanced]". The offering will begin in July 2023, and a press conference was held recently.

Shiseido has been providing information and in-store proposals to pursue "personal beauty" regardless of gender, as well as men's grooming and skincare seminars. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for men's makeup, we have established this new seminar with the aim of conveying the methods and effects of men's makeup as a means of supporting "self-production" to increase one's own attractiveness and desirability.

Tadashi Harada supervised the seminar content based on a men's beauty theory derived from Shiseido's long-standing beauty knowledge.

Harada also took the stage at the press conference attended by many members of the media to demonstrate how anyone can easily implement natural makeup that brings out their own charm.

原田 忠 Tadashi Harada

原田 忠 - Tadashi Harada


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