[Media Appearance] Chizuru Cirillo appeared on "Oshare Clip"

[Media Appearance] Chizuru Cirillo appeared on "Oshare Clip"

  • Chizuru Cirillo

Chizuru Cirillo appeared on the episode of "Oshare Clip" broadcast on Sunday, September 24. She used the guest of the day, Shoko Nakagawa, as the model to demonstrate her Contouring Makeup Technique and bring out the dimensions of her features.

Program Information
"Oshare Clip" airs every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. on the Nippon Television Network System.
The guests appear in fashionable styles that differ from their usual images, which serves as the catalyst for this talk show to unravel the "other side” of their personalities. The MCs are Ikusaburo Yamazaki and Hiroe Igeta.

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