Makeup for ETTUSAIS

Makeup for ETTUSAIS

  • Yuka Fukano

Yuka Fukano in charge of makeup for ETTUSAIS visual.

Art Direction by Yuni Yoshida

ettusais 2023 Winter Collection -Dusty Fantasy Mirage Style-

‘Shimmering mirage pearls’ add a fantastic glow to the limited color palette of terracotta orange and lilac mauve eyeshadows that complement the skin.
Navy mascara was used to enhance the transparency of the skin, and the model’s lips were given a soft finish in beige.

Art Direction by Yuni Yoshida

ettusais 2023 Autumn Collection -Dusty Fantasy-

The visual features the model’s even skin tone and the eyeshadow that brings color to her face.
Darker shades of eyeliner and eye shadow that match her complexion are the key to creating the impression of translucent skin.

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深野 結花 Yuka Fukano

深野 結花 - Yuka Fukano


Specialises in styles ranging from natural to expansive looks