The Shiseido Hair & Makeup Artists' History Page is now available.

The Shiseido Hair & Makeup Artists' History Page is now available.

The beginnings and history of “SHISEIDO HAIR&MAKEUP ARTIST”

The Shiseido Hair & Makeup Artists' History Page is now available.
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Shiseido established the Shiseido Institute of Beauty Sciences in 1953 in order to research advanced beauty techniques and provide beauty training for Shiseido chain stores (cosmetics stores). Later renamed the Shiseido Beauty Technology Research Institute, the facility specialized in research into beauty techniques. After being renamed the "Shiseido Institute for Comprehensive Beauty Research" and later the "Shiseido Beauty Science Research Institute," the facility became today's "Shiseido Beauty Creation Center.”

Thus, for over half a century, Shiseido has not only developed and manufactured cosmetic products, but has also continued to research their use and potential for expression. The results of this research have been demonstrated in our advertising through posters and TV commercials, in our corporate culture magazine Hanatsubaki, and in the texts for our in-store activities. Beauty technicians, known today as hair and makeup artists, have played a central role in this process.

Six years after establishing the Shiseido Beauty Research Institute, Shiseido opened the Shiseido Beauty school (the predecessor of today's Shiseido Beauty Academy) in 1959 to begin training beauty technicians. In 1986, we opened SABFA, a hair and makeup academy that could be considered a ‘graduate school’ for beauticians, in order to set the standard for beauty techniques. Shiseido has been training artists with advanced skills and aesthetic sensibilities since the days when the term "hair and makeup artist" had yet to reach Japan.

Shiseido gradually began to hire graduates from SABFA and the Shiseido Beauty School (now the Shiseido Beauty Academy), allowing their team of beauty professionals to grow in size and stature. Meanwhile, in 1977, Shiseido invited six young Parisian designers to Japan for its monumental fashion show titled “Paris Six.” The show resulted in Shiseido Hair&Makeup Artists being dispatched to work backstage at Paris Fashion Week, an initiative that has continued for over 40 years since. Today, hair and makeup artists are now also dispatched to fashion weeks in New York and Tokyo.