Hair and Makeup for Shiseido Corporate visual in 2024

Hair and Makeup for Shiseido Corporate visual in 2024

  • Natsuko Nakayama
  • Jun Nakamura
  • Joji Taniguchi
  • Toyoyoshi Shinotsuka

The concept behind the visuals is 'Uplifting'. We want to lift people’s spirits that were brought down by the pandemic, with the power of Shiseido's unique beauty. The visuals express the hope that the post-pandemic world will be more colorful than before COVID-19 occurred.

Make-up: Natsuko Nakayama, Jun Nakamura
Hair: Joji Taniguchi, Toyoyoshi Shinozuka

Creative Director: Rie Takeuchi (SHISEIDO CREATIVE)#shsieidocreative /
Art Director: Jun Kitamura (SHISEIDO CREATIVE) #shsieidocreative /
Photographer: Takeshi Hanzawa@takeshi__hanzawa /
Production: AOI.Pro 

Comment from makeup artist Natsuko Nakayama

The visual has a bright and positive atmosphere, which makes us feel excited when we look at that.
We used a wide variety of models to create a world in which each individual can shine and enjoy the diversity of the times.

To express this heightened feeling, the models actually jumped on trampolines during the photo shoot. We tried to create light and dynamic movements by having them change poses multiple times.

We also applied make-up in a natural way, making the most of each model's individuality.

Comment from hair stylist Joji Taniguchi 

The hair was kept as simple as possible to bring out the individuality of the models.
The concept was ”Uplifting” so we used trampolines and other equipment on site to give the shoot some dynamic movement.

We made adjustments so that their hair didn't hide their faces, and styled their hair to be able to move in order to give off an active impression.

中山 夏子 Natsuko Nakayama

中山 夏子 - Natsuko Nakayama


Renowned for her natural makeup. “I want to show that true beauty is holistic”

中村 潤 Jun Nakamura

中村 潤 - Jun Nakamura


Works on projects including commercials and magazines, hosts makeup seminars and researches male beauty

谷口 丈児 Joji Taniguchi

谷口 丈児 - Joji Taniguchi


Shares information on collections and trends. Studies meticulously in order to create unforgettable visuals

篠塚 豊良 Toyoyoshi Shinotsuka

篠塚 豊良 - Toyoyoshi Shinotsuka


Multi-talented artist delivering looks ranging from simple and natural to the truly unique