Men's PARIS Fashion Week 2024 AW Hair & Makeup Report Vol.1 [White Mountaineering][TAAKK]

Men's PARIS Fashion Week 2024 AW Hair & Makeup Report Vol.1 [White Mountaineering][TAAKK]

Hair&Makeup led by Jun Nakamura

  • Jun Nakamura

In January 2024, Jun Nakamura served as chief of hair and makeup for "White Mountaineering" and chief of hair for "TAAKK" at the Autumn/Winter 2024 Men's Collection in Paris.

White Mountaineering Autumn/Winter 2024-2025

The theme of the Autumn-Winter 2024/25 collection is "Destination". This season's collection was inspired by the scenery that we see when we "travel" in our daily lives, with styles such as biker jackets that evoke a sense of "travel" and Globe-Trotter jackets that create a traditional British atmosphere.

Hair&Makeup Details

Hair&Makeup led by Jun Nakamura (Shiseido)

The hair was styled in two main directions to express a "mature travel" mood: a parted, gentlemanly style, and a style similar to a music band in Manchester, England, in the 1990s, with bangs down and the collar showing. The makeup was done in a mature, tightened style.
For makeup, I used gray eyeshadow to give the eyes a three-dimensional look, to give the look a more mature and relaxed impression, and to give the look a special show-like feel. (Nakamura)

TAAKK Autumn-Winter 2024 Collection

The theme of the Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection is "In the cycle of growth and creation, God is in the details". This season's TAAKK style, composed of meticulous materials and details, had both a realistic "wearable on the street" feel and "an art-like "presence.

Hair Details

The delicate details of the clothes themselves and the reality of being "street wearable. In order to carefully convey both, we tried to keep the hair as plain as possible.

The hair styling was not a special expression for the show, but a very natural style that was made light and elegant through careful blow-drying and ironing work.
Technically, we aimed for a "clean and neat" finish by adding a slight wet look using products selected for each model's hair type while expressing their natural quirks. (Nakamura)

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中村 潤 Jun Nakamura

中村 潤 - Jun Nakamura


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