[HEōS] 2024-2025 AW Collection at RAKUTEN FASHION WEEK TOKYO Report

[HEōS] 2024-2025 AW Collection at RAKUTEN FASHION WEEK TOKYO Report

Teruaki Shinjo was in charge of hair and makeup.

  • Teruaki Shinjo

T he 2024 Rakuten Fashion week was held from March 11 to March 16, and Shiseido hair and makeup artists cooperated with various brands for hair and makeup this season.

Cooperating brands

This article reports on [HEōS].

HEōS 2024-2025 Autumn/Winter Collection

The theme of the Fall-Winter 2024/25 collection was "SPEAK MY LANGUAGE" The show was somewhat fantastical and nostalgic, as if looking back to the past and tracing various fragments of memories and emotions.

What made this season's style unique was the retro atmosphere that evokes the passage of time, such as nostalgia-inducing embroidery, a technique of cutting off hems that adds a rough impression, and wrinkled textures. The items were accented with red velvet, which gave the impression of the designer's "oriental" identity. (Shinjo)

About Hair&Makeup

The key to the hair and makeup was “Indulgence”. I aimed for an impression that was simple, yet conveyed strength, sexiness, ennui, and a variety of other emotions. (Shinjo)

Hair Details

Hair&Makeup led by Teruaki Shinjo (SHISEIDO)

I used grease combed it tightly all over and created a slicked-back look. The style for the model with long hair was done in a similar fashion, with the hair combed back tightly and brought together with a moist, heavy texture all the way to the ends. (Shinjo)

Makeup Details

Hair&Makeup led by Teruaki Shinjo (SHISEIDO)

For both men and women, the common makeup points are “glowing”, “well-toned skin” and “straight eyebrows”. Some men's and women's makeup also includes natural shading around the eyes and a hint of blood red added around the mouth. (Shinjo)

Used products from SHISEIDO makeup

Collection Report can be found here

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新城 輝昌 Teruaki Shinjo

新城 輝昌 - Teruaki Shinjo


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