Seiko Matsumoto - 松本 聖子

Seiko Matsumoto


Actively works at seminars and events, also sharing beauty information for mothers. “I want to share things that people will find useful”



Who is Seiko Matsumoto?

Matsumoto Seiko is a mother of three children. She has been actively working as a member of a project to support working mothers by transmitting beauty information and holding seminars and events. Seiko has an SNS account (LINE) for Rashiku for mommy and transmitting beauty information. She specializes in developing and transmitting beauty information, supporting customers beauty in event and seminars, and providing beauty information which fits each personal feature.

In the company Shiseido, she takes in charge of products and beauty information development for INTEGRATE GRACY.

Her parents are salon stylist, and as for having a beauty circumstance from her child, she naturally wanted to become a hair and makeup artist. She is working hard as an artist and a mother of three children. From that experience, she became interested in transmitting beauty information and matters, which will be useful to those who have the same circumstances. She analyzes each part of the faces of the people. She feels satisfaction at the moment when she gives birth to new values, feels empathy, and seeing people happy with her works.

Joined Shiseido in 2002. Shiseido Hair & Makeup Artist


2008 NHDK (Nihon Hair Design Kyokai) Contest National Competition Cut Category

2010 NHDK (Nihon Hair Design Kyokai) Contest National Competition Marie Division 3rd

Related Information

Qualification: 2009 Acquired color analyst qualification

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