Yoshiko Jinguji offered a medical wig, "Wig+," cutting service for model Karen who has alopecia totalis.

Yoshiko Jinguji offered a medical wig, "Wig+," cutting service for model Karen who has alopecia totalis.

Wig+ is a fashionable, reasonably priced, high-quality medical wig jointly developed by Shiseido, Japan Hair Donation & Charity (JHD&C), and Aderans for the purpose of contributing to society.

  • Yoshiko Jinguji

Wig+ comes in a bob style and is easy to wear as it is, but one of the selling points is that if you bring a wig purchased on an EC site*1 to the beauty salon*2, you can choose from five cut styles proposed by Jinguji. You can get your hair cut to your liking.

This time, model Karen who has alopecia totalis visited Passage Beauté Shiseido (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) with the Wig+ she purchased on the EC site and received a haircut from Jinguji.

※1 EC site: https://www.jhdacsalon.com/

※2 Beauty salons that offer Wig+haircut
Passage Beauté Shiseido
JHD&C salon
hair salon in hospital: Komorebi

■Model Karen
In the summer of 2021, I got alopecia and lost all my hair. Due to this autoimmune disease, I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes, was bedridden, and wasn’t able to look at myself in the mirror. When I encountered the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center, which was engaged in appearance care for people with illnesses or those going through medical treatment, I was saved by the power of makeup. I was able to live positively in my own way. Makeup improves the quality of life when we have an illness and gives us the strength to live. As a minority Miraist, I want to share the power of makeup with Shiseido!
※S/PARK Miraist HP

Karen's Instagram

As the haircut progressed, Karen said things like, "I thought I'd never come to the beauty salon again, but I'm so happy to be able to come to such a wonderful beauty salon," (To her husband) “I used to have a hairstyle like this,” “If I want to change my hairstyle again, I will make a reservation!”

Karen and her husband both went home with a smile.

神宮司 芳子 Yoshiko Jinguji

神宮司 芳子 - Yoshiko Jinguji

Jinguji has been in charge of advertisings for brands of Shiseido and hair and makeups for many models and actresses. From 2018, she was appointed as executive beauty director of Shiseido Beauty Salon. She is creating the plans for the training of the salon stylists, and at the same time, she also greets customers as a hairstylist at the salon.

She is working on "appearance care" for cancer patients as her lifework.