Yoshiko Jinguji - 神宮司 芳子

Yoshiko Jinguji


Transforms the female image based on a defined logic

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Who is Yoshiko Jinguji?

Yoshiko Jinguji has been in charge of advertisings for brands of Shiseido and hair and makeups for many models and actresses. From 2018, she was appointed as executive beauty director of Shiseido Beauty Salon. She is creating the plans for the training of the salon stylists, and at the same time, she also greets customers as a hairstylist at the salon.

She is working on "appearance care" for cancer patients as her lifework.

She had been awarded twice of the Grand Prix at Japan Hair Dressing Award (JHA), which is the supreme award of the hair industry in Japan. She actively works publishing hair makeup books and is a tutor of many seminars. She loves handicrafts and using her knowledge she had collaborated works with handicraft company HAMANAKA Co., Ltd. She advocates handicraft beauty by using handmade accessories for hair arrangements. She is the mother of a child.

Joined Shiseido in 2002. Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist. Graduated from SABFA (Shiseido Academy of Beauty and Fashion.)


2009 Yoshiko Jinguji Design Box (Josei Mode Sha Co.,Ltd.)

2014 THE BANGS METHOD (Josei Mode Sha Co.,Ltd.)

2014 anan special edition bangs hair catalog - Yoshiko Jinguji's Bang Method

2018 38 cute designs - knit hair accessories (Bunka Publishing Bureau)


2003 Hair Mode Best of the Year Award

2004 NHDK (Japan Hair Design Association) Hair Contest / Cut category Grand Prix

2005 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Award) Best Newcomer Award

2007 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Award) Grand Prix

2008 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Award) Associate Grand Prix

2010 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Award) Associate Grand Prix

2013 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Award) Associate Grand Prix

2014 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Award) Grand Prix

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