Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2023-24 Report Vol.3

Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2023-24 Report Vol.3


  • Ai Nieda
  • Ikuko Shindo

Ai Nieda was the makeup lead, and Ikuko Shindo was the hair lead for the RUOHAN show presented at Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2023-24.

RUOHAN is a daily luxury womenswear brand founded by Ruohan Nie in March 2021. Fine fabrics and subtle details exemplify the brand’s modern minimalism.

The makeup was kept very simple and natural, and matte textures were used to create a sense of unity with the clothes. (Nieda)

The hair styles came in different variations that emphasized the individuality of the model. Finished with a dry and messy texture, they were not too polished. In addition, a nuanced style that moved when walking on the runway was created for a relaxed and natural look. (Shindo)

Makeup led by Ai Nieda (贄田 愛)

Hair led by Ikuko Shindo (進藤 郁子)

贄田 愛 Ai Nieda

贄田 愛 - Ai Nieda


Draws on trends to create makeup, ranging from natural styling to bold runway looks

進藤 郁子 Ikuko Shindo

進藤 郁子 - Ikuko Shindo


Influential artist who leads the Tokyo trends and inspires fashionable millennials