Ikuko Shindo - 進藤 郁子

Ikuko Shindo


Gives inspiration to the fashion-conscious generation with hair and makeup that incorporates Tokyo trends.

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Who is Ikuko Shindo?

Ikuko Shindo is active in a wide range of areas from doing hair and makeup for fashion and beauty magazines, photo shoots for look books for fashion brands, and fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Tokyo to holding seminars for salon stylists. At Shiseido, she is a beauty director that oversees advertising and hair and makeup for the brand Majolica Majorca.

Highly sensitive millennials is supporting her hair makeup, and many actresses and television stars ask personally for her works. She has been awarded many prizes in contests such as Grand Prix at Japan Hair Dressing Award (JHA), and also appearing at several hair shows in and out of Japan.

Joined Shiseido in 2007. Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist. Graduated from SABFA (Shiseido Academy of Beauty and Fashion.) She was appointed as the SABFA Technical Director in 2023.


Majolica Majorca / ELIXIR White / Anessa / Maquillage / URARA / Macherie / DOCOMO / SLY / MITSUBISHI


VOGUE / Commons&sense / GINZA / SPUR / VOCE / SO-EN / FRAU / Lula /HARPER‘S BAZAAR / ID / mini / CYAN / NYLON / Biteki / CanCam / HAIRMODE / SHINBIYO / BOB / / Hanatsubaki and more



ANREALAGE / Koché / Issey Miyake / Limi feu / Christian Wijnants / TOGA /UNDERCOVER/ CFCL/  and more


Zero Maria Cornejo / United Bamboo / Neil Barrett / 3.1Phillip Lim / A Détacher / Rachel Comey/ Tia Cibani and more


Dolce & Gabbana / FUMIE=TANAKA/ MIKIO SAKABE / YUKI TORII / SOMARTA / beautifulpeople / MARNI / and more


Dolce & Gabbana Alte Artigianalità in Tokyo / MIKIO SAKABE / YUKI TORII / SOMARTA / SRETSIS / zechia / SATORU TANAKA / TOKYO RIPPER and more


2015 HAIR STYLING BASIC to ADVANCE - Styling style that makes any face look fashionable (KAMISHOBO)


2006 IBIN Hair Contest Ladies Cut Category Grand Prix

2007 NHDK (Nihon Hair Design Kyokai) Hair Contest National Competition MATOME Hair Category Grand Prix

2008 HAIR MODE Best Annual Award

2010 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Awards) Outstanding Rookie Award

2012 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Awards) Second Prize Grand Prix

2013 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Awards) Grand Prix

2015 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Awards) Fashion Designer Special Award

2017 JHA (Japan Hair Dressing Awards) Second Prize Grand Prix

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