FUMIE=TANAKA  2023AW “365days”

FUMIE=TANAKA 2023AW “365days”

  • Ikuko Shindo

Ikuko Shindo, Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist, served as Chief of Hair and Makeup for the FUMIE=TANAKA 2023AW “365days” show

Vevue: Ebisu garden Place

FUMIE=TANAKA’s show for this season captures the fleeting beauty of the 365 days in a year, embodying the designer’s thought that "we don't have to work too hard.” Centered on the theme of "365 days," this collection was created by designer Fumie Tanaka to reflect on the 365 days of the past year.
This message of this show is that "everyone is doing their best, it's okay to love yourself a little more, you can rest once in a while, and you don't have to work too hard."

Ikuko Shindo served as Chief of Hair and Makeup, leading a team that included Shiseido hair and make-up artists and Office SABFA members.

The hair design was done in a colorful and voluminous curly style.
Each model’s hairstyle had a different balance, boldly using straw-like braids and fine curl extensions to add volume to the A-line and create transformative, nuanced down-styles or updos.

The delicate glitter and rhinestones attached to the faces of the models were the key aspects of the makeup.

Makeup artists used base make-up to cover the redness of the skin and topped it off with powder for a matte finish.
Soft gold glitter was placed on the high points of the models’ cheeks.

Artists created a beige to pink-beige matte lip that radiates softly from the center without outlining the lips.

進藤 郁子 Ikuko Shindo

進藤 郁子 - Ikuko Shindo

Shiseido Top Hair&Makeup Artist

Gives inspiration to the fashion-conscious generation with hair and makeup that incorporates Tokyo trends.