Private counseling on hair and wigs by Yoshiko Jinguji started

Private counseling on hair and wigs by Yoshiko Jinguji started

Counseling services by Shiseido top hair & makeup artist Yoshiko Jinguji have started at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center.

  • Yoshiko Jinguji

▶Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center is a specialized facility that provides advice on appearance concerns related to skin and hair by appointment only.

Jinguji will be giving advice to those who have concerns about their hair due to the side effects from cancer treatment, as well as illness or injury. She will be offering suggestions on how to look more attractive, including hair styling, wig-wearing tips, and the use of scarves and other accessories.

Wigs such as "Wig+", a medical wig that Jinguji was involved in the development of, are available at the center, but please bring your own favorite wig or hair accessories if you have any.

Consultation days
Every 4th Monday of the month 10:30am-12pm / 2pm-3:30pm

(by appointment only/all rooms are private/free of charge)

Dates are subject to change, please call to confirm.
▶Consultations are in Japanese.

■Dates available for reservations in FY2023
11/20 (10:30-12:00 1 person, 14:00-15:30 1 person)
12/25 (10:30-12:00 1 person, 14:00-15:30 1 person)
*Only in November 2023, the 3rd Monday of the month

Please call below to make reservations for the following dates.

Phone: 03-3289-2262

Phone appointment hours
13:00-16:00 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Counseling time: 90 minutes
- Available for all ages and genders
(You can also bring your family members.)

Location: Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center 1-6-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021
Shiseido Company, Limited Headquarters Shiodome Office (GLOBAL VISION CENTER) B2F

神宮司 芳子 Yoshiko Jinguji

神宮司 芳子 - Yoshiko Jinguji


Transforms the female image based on a defined logic