[Now accepting applications for April 2024 students.] SABFA 2024 Main Visual & Behind the scenes

[Now accepting applications for April 2024 students.] SABFA 2024 Main Visual & Behind the scenes

Ikuko Shindo was in charge of hair and makeup for SABFA's 2024 main visual.

  • Ikuko Shindo

SABFA (Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion) is a school operated by Shiseido to train professional hair and makeup artists. Students receive direct instruction from Shiseido Hair&Makeup Artists who are active on the front lines of advertising and magazines, and there is a full range of courses that students can take while working. Students can acquire knowledge that can immediately be applied to their work, solid techniques, and the aesthetic sense and sensitivity that are essential for hair and makeup artists. The school is located on the 2nd floor of WITH HARAJUKU, a one-minute walk from Harajuku Station, and it also has a photo studio.

Ikuko Shindo, who is also the technical director of SABFA, a hair and makeup academy run by Shiseido, was in charge of hair and makeup for the main visuals of 2024.

“Make-up your future.”

Shindo’s comment on Thoughts on the work
I myself found that attending SABFA was a turning point for me, not only in terms of acquiring techniques, which I am now using, but also in terms of the importance of continuing to learn and meeting highly motivated people. I hope that many people come to SABFA and gift themselves time to "learn.” I created this work with this wish in mind. I used ribbons, flowers, tulle, and other items that I associate with the word "gift" in my own way. Because these items are easy to understand, they tend to be just ordinary and pretty, so I tried to add a sense of being out of place and playfulness to them.

Key Visual
Hair & Makeup: Ikuko Shindo (SHISEIDO)
Photo: Masaya Tanaka (TRON)
Styling: Maruri Kawakami

Please also watch the behind-the-scenes movie.

SABFA 2024 Key Visual behind the scenes

Movie Director and Editor: Tom Cude

SABFA is now accepting applications for April 2024 students!

Free school information session & application forms are available now!
For more information, please visit SABFA's website.

*Japanese only

進藤 郁子 Ikuko Shindo

進藤 郁子 - Ikuko Shindo


Gives inspiration to the fashion-conscious generation with hair and makeup that incorporates Tokyo trends.