ESTNATION Roppongi Hills 20th Anniversary

ESTNATION Roppongi Hills 20th Anniversary

Teruaki Shinjo served as chief of hair and Yuki Nishimori as chief of makeup.

  • Teruaki Shinjo
  • Yuki Nishimori
  • Ikuko Shindo
  • Kumiko Kurogi
  • Hiroe Mishima
  • Yuriko Hirose
  • Madoka Abo
  • Nozomi Onda
  • Nanoka Toba

ESTNATION Roppongi Hills 20th Anniversary

A fashion show was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ESTNATION’s flagship store in Roppongi Hills — a specialty store selling men’s and women’s items based on the concept “The Essence of Luxury.” Teruaki Shinjo served as chief of hair and Yuki Nishimori as chief of makeup.

Under the theme “Modern Luxury, New Hybrid Style of ESTNATION,” the show was an embodiment of the glamorous urban elegance typical of ESTNATION, interweaving the 2023 fall/winter season with the 2024 spring/summer season.

Key Hair and Makeup Features

The keyword of the show was “elegance.” The elegant qualities accentuating the models’ personalities were focused on to create an urban, sophisticated impression, drawing on each model's individuality.

The makeup aimed to create a sophisticated, high-quality impression. Skin tones were used to emphasize the bone structure to bring out the individuality of the models. The carefully crafted, minimal makeup looks served to harmonize with the fine quality of the clothes. 

The common denominator was the right balance of ruggedness and elegance. To complement the clothes styled to fit the models, the hair was carefully styled to express elegance and then tousled to create an urban look.

Teruaki Shinjo (Lead), Ikuko Shindo, Madoka Abo, Nanoka Toba

Yuki Nishimori (Lead), Kumiko Kurogi, Hiroe Mishima, Yuriko Hirose, Nozomi Onda

新城 輝昌 Teruaki Shinjo

新城 輝昌 - Teruaki Shinjo


Works on collections in Japan and abroad, shares beauty trends and develops men's products

西森 由貴 Yuki Nishimori

西森 由貴 - Yuki Nishimori


Specialises in makeup for fashion and music. “I want to create Japanese hair and makeup looks for the world”