Report on switch!2

Report on switch!2

Hirofumi Kera appeared at switch!2

  • Hirofumi Kera

switch!2 was held on Tuesday, December 5 at Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church in memory of Takahiro Uemura, one of Japan's top hair designers (representative of DADA CuBiC), who passed away in 2013. Hirofumi Kera appeared at Hair Live as a contemporary of Uemura.

Comment from Hirofumi Kera:

I had the pleasure of performing at switch!2, which was held in memory of Takahiro Uemura, a legendary hairdresser who passed away in 2013. Uemura launched "DADA CuBiC" and was dedicated to hair technique and design, as well as to training future generations. Even 10 years after his death, he is still talked about as someone who revolutionized the beauty industry.

switch! 2 was not just a memorial event but was held with the hope that the current beauty industry would take a fresh look at hair design. The five performers were Koji Yamashita (Double), Takahisa Okamura (MINX), Naoyasu Toba (VeLO), Takashi Kojo (DADA CuBiC), and myself. I would like to thank the organizers from the bottom of my heart for choosing me for this special opportunity. All the performers at the event faced hair creation and design head-on with great dedication, but at the same time with love and kindness. As I drew in the atmosphere, I realized once again that what Uemura had left behind was not only his successors, but also fundamental change to the beauty industry.

From left: Takahisa Okamura (MINX), Takashi Kojo (DADA CuBiC), Naohisa Toba (VeLo), Koji Yamashita (Double), Hirofumi Kera

計良 宏文 Hirofumi Kera

計良 宏文 - Hirofumi Kera


An artist who is constantly receiving offers from many top creators for his rich expressive ability and overwhelming level of perfection. The first hair&makeup artist to hold a solo exhibition at a public museum in Japan for his activities that revolutionize the concept of hair and makeup.