[CINOH] 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo Report

[CINOH] 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo Report

Ikuko Shindo was in charge of hair and Ai Nieda was in charge of makeup.

  • Ikuko Shindo
  • Ai Nieda

Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo for the autumn/winter 2024 season was held from March 11th to 16th, 2024.

For this season, Shiseido hair and makeup artists worked with various brands, including CINOH, DRESSED UNDRESSED, tanakadaisuke, MIKIO SAKABE, MURRAL, Queen & Jack, Marimekko, FUMIE=TANAKA, YUKI TORII, and HEōS.

This article reports on the [CINOH] show.

CINOH 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

The fashion brand CINOH by designer Takayuki Chino presented its autumn/winter 2024 collection at the Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church in Tokyo.

The theme of its collection for this season was “gentle glimmer.” For the show, Ikuko Shindo served as the chief hair stylist and Ai Nieda as the chief makeup artist.

Hair Details

“The hair was deeply side parted with the ends slightly bunched and styled to suit each model's unique hair pattern. Wet gloss was partially applied to the sides and front to add a little contrast. Care was taken to shape the sides so that they wouldn’t fall and create width." (Shindo)

Hairstyling led by Ikuko Shindo

Makeup Details

“Straight false eyelashes were applied in a line extending from the outer corner of the eye, for a decorative touch that was not overly flashy. This was then paired with a brown lip to create an image of sophistication and strength." (Nieda)

Makeup Details

Brand Official Website:CINOH

進藤 郁子 Ikuko Shindo

進藤 郁子 - Ikuko Shindo


Gives inspiration to the fashion-conscious generation with hair and makeup that incorporates Tokyo trends.

贄田 愛 Ai Nieda

贄田 愛 - Ai Nieda


Draws on trends to create makeup, ranging from natural styling to bold runway looks