Fashion Cantata from Kyoto 2024 Report #1

Fashion Cantata from Kyoto 2024 Report #1

Yumiko Kamata served aswas in charge of the overall chief of hair and makeup direction for Fashion Cantata from KyotoYOTO 2024

  • 鎌田由美子
  • 山田暢子
  • 黒木久美子

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Fashion Cantata from Kyoto, a fashion event that aims to widely promote cultural exchange and fusion between Kyoto’s elegant and refined culture of traditional dress and modern Western clothing. The Shiseido Beauty Creation Center has participated in the event since 2010 with senior HMUA Yumiko Kamata as the director of hair and makeup.

This article reports on the event, focusing on the kimono runway.

Fashion Cantata from Kyoto 2024 “Present for Our Future”

This year’s theme was “Present for Our Future.” “The present moment, which is a gift from the past, is given equally to everyone, regardless of gender or age. We should strive to live in the present while being grateful for this precious moment. It may mean reaffirming the excellence of traditional Japanese culture, refining it as our own, and passing it on to future generations.”

As overall director of the event committed to passing on traditional Japanese kimono culture, Yukiko Kamata is also making new proposals that offer challenges while carrying on traditions.

Hair&Makeup Direction

「The concept of this year's event was that the "present" is connected to the traditions of the future, as it marked the 30th anniversary of the event. With this background and the director's intention in mind, I worked with the chief of staff to find a style of hair and makeup that was light enough to make the younger generation, who will be responsible for the new kimono culture, feel as if they were themselves, while at the same time bringing out the individuality that each artist has created over the course of their history. The style of the work is as follows.」(Kamada)

Fashion Cantata Japanese Wear Section GUEST

Makeup Details

In "Makeup," the models' attractiveness was elevated by incorporating the trends of the younger generation and creating smooth, luminous, and light skin. In addition, to match the image of the kimono, we expressed the kimono artist's individuality through makeup variations such as 'Romantic Makeup' with pink blush and 'Modern Makeup' with deep, brightly colored lips as the key points." (Yamada)

Hair Style Details

The hair is styled in a variety of ways to match the kimono design, from elegant large rolls to a modern up-do with twisted braids tied into a chignon for a glamorous look, to a punkish image with spiky hairpieces. The hair piece is a spiky hair piece with a punkish image. (Taniguchi)

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鎌田由美子 Yumiko Kamada

鎌田由美子 - Yumiko Kamada


Kimono hair and makeup artist. “Beauty has no limits; it crosses borders to enrich our hearts and minds.”

山田暢子 Nobuko Yamada

山田暢子 - Nobuko Yamada


A color specialist who can do everything from keep up with color trends to suggest colors that suit you.

谷口丈二 Joji Taniguchi

谷口丈二 - Joji Taniguchi


Shares information on collections and trends. Studies meticulously in order to create unforgettable visuals