Yumiko Kamada - 鎌田 由美子

Yumiko Kamada


Kimono hair and makeup artist. “Beauty has no limits; it crosses borders to enrich our hearts and minds.”


Who is Yumiko Kamada?

Yumiko Kamada specializes in luxury makeup. She pursues the total beauty and expanding activities especially for the Japanese Kimono, such as: in events Fashion Cantata from Kyoto, which is transmitting the traditional Japanese clothing and fashion culture to the world, Tokyo Kimono Collection in Nihonbashi and, collaborating at the show of Kimono designer Jotaro Saito. She is also active in the seminars, TV's, publishing books to produce beauty methods and also for makeups adapting for 4K and 8K televisions.

In the company Shiseido, she was in charge of product planning’s, creating beauty methods and, makeup for advertising and commercial films for many brands such as; INOUI, SHISEIDO VITAL PERFECTION, AUPRE, &FACE Dress Method.

She would like to convey the idea of Beauty & Peace through hair and makeup, where she believes that beauty and excitement will give abundance to people’s mind.

Joined Shiseido in 1987. Shiseido Senior Hair & Makeup Artist. Graduated from SABFA (Shiseido Academy of Beauty and Fashion.)


Numero, BITEKI, KATEIGAHO, President Woman, VOGUE CHINA, beautiful kimono, kimono Salon, etc.


「FASHION CANTATA from KYOTO」                       




Kimono hair&makeup perspective and technique (Seibundo Shinkosha)

Kimono hair and makeup concept (Seibundo Shinkosha)

CHANGE! (Seibundo Shinkosha)

Related Information

Brand: ELIXIR (asian version) / AUPRE / Shiseido Vital Perfection / Revital / &FACE / INOUI (1995-2000)

TV appearance and video:Balance Makeup (NHK ASAICHI!) / YUKATA Hair Makeup (BeauTV VoCE) / A new common sense of beauty and youth! - Small face makeup (NHK BS Premiere)/ 8K image production (NHK Enterprise)

Beauty Research: Makeup and Texture (Patent No. 4849761) / Hi-Vision Makeup / Final Zone - Profile Research (Patent No. 5432532) / Executive Makeup

Other: All-Japan Wedding Beautician Association Lecturer Technician Level 1 / Japan Formal Association Lecturer / Hair & Makeup School SABFA Lecturer

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