Fashion Cantata from Kyoto 2024 Report #2

Fashion Cantata from Kyoto 2024 Report #2

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Cantata from Kyoto is a fashion event based on the concept of combining elegant, graceful Japanese traditional styles, which Kyoto is known for, with modern Western styles, and disseminating these looks from Kyoto. This year marks the 30th event. Shiseido Beauty Creation Center has participated in the event since 2010 with Yumiko Kamata, senior hair and makeup artist, in charge of hair and makeup.

This article reports on the "Souetsu" show, a brand that created Western styles for the event.

The models' looks embodied the theme "present for our future" with futuristic styling of traditional leather items.

This year, Fashion Cantata’s Western style section featured a show by the leather brand Souetsu.

The show consisted of two parts with two different concepts, the "Sports Collection" and the "Wearable Future Collection." The models were surrounded by large glowing neon rings and walked with robots to drive home the futuristic theme. The show was full of movement, captivating the audience.

The models' looks embodied the theme "present for our future" with futuristic styling of traditional leather items.

Hair Style Details

The looks of the show featured many unique headpieces, so the hair was styled in a simple way to complement them. On the other hand, punkish hairstyles accompanied by inverted hair pieces added an element of novelty. (Kera)

Makeup Details

For the "Wearable Future Collection," we used neon tape triangles under the eyes to go along with the neon-colored rings, creating a futuristic impression. The goal was to deliver a futuristic, impactful look to the audience. (Nieda)

Fashion Cantata from KYOTO:Fashion Cantata from KYOTO

計良宏文 Hirofumi Kera

計良宏文 - Hirofumi Kera


An artist who is constantly receiving offers from many top creators for his rich expressive ability and overwhelming level of perfection. The first hair&makeup artist to hold a solo exhibition at a public museum in Japan for his activities that revolutionize the concept of hair and makeup.

贄田 愛 Ai Nieda

贄田 愛 - Ai Nieda


Draws on trends to create makeup, ranging from natural styling to bold runway looks