Fashion Cantata from KYOTO 2023 report#2

Fashion Cantata from KYOTO 2023 report#2

tanakadaisuke 2023AW

  • Hirofumi Kera
  • Ai Nieda

Fashion Cantata from KYOTO is a fashion event designed to facilitate exchange between the elegant and graceful Japanese traditional kimono culture, in which Kyoto takes great pride, and the modern Western-style clothing and art cultures. The event aims to fuse these cultures together and disseminate information from Kyoto to a wide audience. This year marks its 29th anniversary. Since 2010, the Shiseido Beauty Creation Center has appointed Yumiko Kamada, a Shiseido Senior Hair & Makeup Artist, as the General Chief of hair and makeup for this event.

In this article, we will report on the Western-style clothing brand tanakadaisuke.

tanakadaisuke 2023 A/W Collection Runway in Fashion Cantata from KYOTO

This show featured the Western-style clothing brand tanakadaisuke, known for their beautiful embroidery.
Based on the concept of "the dark side of the moon," with the stage set up to resemble both Apollo and a karesansui (Japanese rock garden), the brand exhibited a beautiful, sparkling collection with a fantastic world view under gently shining lights and shadows.

Hair by Hirofumi Kera: The looped twin-tail braid hairstyle, with many delicate braided extensions, transformed the models into celestial maidens.
The delicate yet gorgeous headpieces were beautifully crafted by the designer, who is also an embroidery artist.

Makeup by Ai Nieda: Rhinestones are scattered on the faces and bodies of the models to create a shimmering effect. The eyes are finished with black shadow, to give a cool impression and avoid coming off too sweet.

▶The report on the kimono runway by Cantata Wasou Bukai can be accessed here

Hair led by Hirofumi Kera

Makeup led by Ai Nieda

計良 宏文 Hirofumi Kera

計良 宏文 - Hirofumi Kera


An artist who is constantly receiving offers from many top creators for his rich expressive ability and overwhelming level of perfection. The first hair&makeup artist to hold a solo exhibition at a public museum in Japan for his activities that revolutionize the concept of hair and makeup.

贄田 愛 Ai Nieda

贄田 愛 - Ai Nieda


Draws on trends to create makeup, ranging from natural styling to bold runway looks