Fashion Cantata from KYOTO 2023 report#1

Fashion Cantata from KYOTO 2023 report#1

Cantata Wasou Bukai

  • Yumiko Kamada
  • Kumiko Kurogi

Fashion Cantata from KYOTO is a fashion event designed to facilitate exchange between the elegant and graceful Japanese traditional kimono culture, in which Kyoto takes great pride, and the modern Western-style clothing and art cultures. The event aims to fuse these cultures together and disseminate information from Kyoto to a wide audience. This year marks its 29th anniversary. Since 2010, the Shiseido Beauty Creation Center has appointed Yumiko Kamada, a Shiseido Senior Hair & Makeup Artist, as the General Chief of hair and makeup for this event.

This article is a report on the event, focusing on the kimono runway.

Kimono Runway in Fashion Cantata from KYOTO

May you meet the true self within, the you that has not yet been revealed....
The Cantata Kimono Club (Cantata Wasou Bukai) offers a wide variety of unique kimonos.
Additionally, hair and makeup can help the wearers of these kimonos look attractive yet airy.

The key to this makeup is a beautiful, bright complexion, a dimensional eye look, and lips that complement the skin but still look elegant, while the hairstyle can express individuality in a variety of ways, from casual rolled twists to a glamorous updo.

▶The report on the Western-style runway by tanakadaisuke can be accessed here.

Guest model: Yu Takahashi

Guest model: Yuchami

Guest model: Yuichami

Guest artist : Sopranista Tomotaka Okamoto

Kimono Hair led by Yumiko Kamada

Kimono Makeup led by Kumiko Kurogi

鎌田 由美子 Yumiko Kamada

鎌田 由美子 - Yumiko Kamada


Kimono hair and makeup artist. “Beauty has no limits; it crosses borders to enrich our hearts and minds.”

黒木 久美子 Kumiko Kurogi

黒木 久美子 - Kumiko Kurogi


Works with styles ranging from the natural to the luxurious to share beauty with the world through hair and makeup.