[Autumn/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends Vol.1] Innocent LOOK : "UBUMI" MAKEUP

[Autumn/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends Vol.1] Innocent LOOK : "UBUMI" MAKEUP

  • Rei Matsui
  • Yuko Terada

At the Shiseido Beauty Creation Center, hair and makeup artists, who work at the forefront of trends, research and analyze makeup trends based on the latest fashion collections, such as the Paris Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week, as well as domestic women’s magazines, SNS trends, and interviews with the segment of the population that is highly sensitive to beauty and adopts new things before others. Based on this research, we provide "seasonal makeup" information every season.

[Autumn/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends Vol.1] Innocent LOOK : "UBUMI" MAKEUP

Makeup: Rei Matsui / Hair: Yuko Terada

This season, the mood has changed from a sensual one, and the focus is on makeup with an increased sense of purity and translucency.
Therefore, for the 2023 autumn/winter makeup season, we propose "Ubumi makeup," which combines plump lip makeup as a key point and blush applied broadly, as if putting on a subtle filter, to create a translucent mood with a hint of innocence.

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★Plump lip★

Add volume to the lip peak of the upper lip by adding a layer of gloss to create a three-dimensional finish.

Draw from the center of the upper lip 1mm to 2mm over to give volume to the lip peak. The key is to gently draw an angle between the lip peak and the valleys of the lips.
Apply a layer of gloss to the center of the lips and blend to create a glossy, three-dimensional finish.

★Subtle Blush★
A light-colored blush is blended in a circle over a wide area and a layer of loose powder is applied on top. By adding this layer, the translucency of the skin is brought out.

★Fluffy eyebrows★
In order to give a soft and light impression, use an eyebrow pencil to add to the areas of the eyebrows and apply a light beige eyebrow mascara to finish.

松井 怜 Rei Matsui

松井 怜 - Rei Matsui


Next generation artist with a talent for set hairstyles

寺田 祐子 Yuko Terada

寺田 祐子 - Yuko Terada


Manages beauty trend analysis and collection hair and makeup.