Terada Yuko - 寺田 祐子

Terada Yuko


Manages beauty trend analysis and collection hair and makeup. “I want to work globally in the fashion world”




Who is Terada Yuko?

Terada Yuko actively works for hair makeups in fashion and beauty magazines and backstage at fashion shows in Tokyo.

In the company Shiseido, she is supporting the works for product developments, advertising photo shootings of the brands ELIXIR and MAQUillAGE. Also, she analyzes seasonal beauty trends, and specializes hair and makeup presentation, which will connect the cutting-edge trend and the daily beauty. At Fujishin Japan Cup, she had won Most Valuable Judge Prize for models’ category, ladies and supported the promotional video works of Japanese idol group Dempagumi.Inc.

She likes to watch fashion shows such as Paris collections and wanted to become a part of the show and became a hair and makeup artist. She always takes good care of the models and artists that they can work smoothly in the photo shootings and would like to be a hair makeup artist who would be praised in the fashion industry. Her motto is never to quit. In her private life, she loves traveling and watching movies.

Joined Shiseido in 2017. Graduated from SABFA (Shiseido Academy of Beauty and Fashion.)


PRIOR / Facial Expression Project


MAQUIA / Marisol / with



Yuna Yang / Son Jun Wan / Josie Natori / THEATER PRODUCTS / Barbara T fank etc.


Dolce & Gabbana / YUKI TORII / HIROKO KOSHINO/ tiit Tokyo / VIVIANO SUE / THE Dallas / MEMUSE / Hanae Mori manuscript / BODY SONG etc.


2018 Fujishin Japan Cup Best Jury Prize

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