[Autumn/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends Vol. 2] Elegant Look : “Hin-Mori” Makeup

[Autumn/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends Vol. 2] Elegant Look : “Hin-Mori” Makeup

  • Mikiya Fujioka
  • Yuki Nishimori

At the Shiseido Beauty Creation Center, hair and makeup artists, who work at the forefront of trends, research and analyze makeup trends based on the latest fashion collections, such as the Paris Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week, as well as domestic women’s magazines, SNS trends, and interviews with the segment of the population that is highly sensitive to beauty and adopts new things before others. Based on this research, we provide "seasonal makeup" information every season.

[Autumn/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends Vol. 2] Elegant Look : “Hin-Mori” Makeup

Makeup: Yuki Nishimori / Hair: Mikiya Fujioka

Now that mask mandates have been lifted, 2023 has brought more opportunities for people to remove their masks, reminding them of how much they enjoy wearing makeup. We expect makeup trends that focus on the lips to get even more popular this coming autumn and winter. That’s why we want to suggest some looks for the autumn/winter season that center on the lips, so you can enjoy wearing a full face of makeup again.

This year’s autumn/winter makeup is focused on deep-colored lip makeup that emphasizes the shape of your lips, paired with contrasting textures to enhance your bone structure and the dimensions of your skin. Not too thick or heavy, this “Hin-Mori” makeup will give you an elegant, classy look.

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★Three-Dimensional Lip★

Create three-dimensional lips by applying a shimmer lip color, then blending it out to accentuate the shape of your lips. This will pull focus to your lips, making the lower half of your face appear more defined as a result.

Apply highlighter to your cupid’s bow to add depth and radiance.
Overdraw your upper lip slightly with a deep-colored lipstick, then dab it with a tissue to blend the color more seamlessly into your skin.
Next, add more color to just the center of your lips, emphasizing their dimensions and completing your impressive lip makeup.

★Textured, Three-Dimensional Skin★
Maintain natural, lustrous skin with the no-makeup makeup look.
The key for this season is to make your skin look three-dimensional with contrasting textures and techniques that make your face look smaller.

★Half-Moon Blush★
Finish the look with gradation blush, starting from the high points of the cheeks, to raise your face’s center of balance and give the impression that you’re smiling.

西森 由貴 Yuki Nishimori

西森 由貴 - Yuki Nishimori


Specialises in makeup for fashion and music. “I want to create Japanese hair and makeup looks for the world”

藤岡 幹也 Mikiya Fujioka

藤岡 幹也 - Mikiya Fujioka


Renowned for his creative, on-trend hair and makeup