[marimekko] 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Report

[marimekko] 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Report

Hirofumi Kera, Shiseido Chief Artistic Director, was in charge of hair direction, and Ikuko Shindo led makeup direction.

  • Hirofumi Kera
  • Ikuko Shindo

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO was held from March 11th to 16th, 2024, and Shiseido hair and makeup artists cooperated with various brands this season.

Cooperating Brands:

This article reports on the [Marimekko] show.

marimekko 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Unikko , one of the most recognized marimekko print designs, the Finnish lifestyle brand presented its autumn/winter ‘24 collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO. The show took place at Tokyo National Museum on March 15.

Originating from Finland, Marimekko is a successful brand in Japan as well as in its home country, famed for its unique textile prints and bold Scandinavian colors.

For this commemorative collection, the brand asked Shiseido’s hair and makeup artists to create looks that embodied the “naturalness” of the models themselves. In response, techniques were used to create natural looks that did not appear overly curated on models diverse in nationality and race.

Hair Details

“The key was to make the most of the individuality of each model's hair and make it look as if it had not been styled in any specific way. For models with bob hairstyles, we created clean looks by placing the hair over the ears. For the Western models with fine hair, we used a slim flat iron at the hairline to create a natural, dry texture, and then pulled it into a low ponytail.” (Kera)

Hair direction led by Hirofumi Kera (SHISEIDO)

Makeup Details

“The skin was prepped to appear fresh yet natural, with a healthy flush that emanates from within, looking like how the face naturally blushes when running or when the cheeks are pinched.

To create this look, a thin layer of foundation was applied to the cheeks without covering any natural flush of redness to bring out each model’s natural beauty. On top of this, a shade of red was added to areas of the cheeks missing redness. A light pink lip color was also applied with a tap of the fingers for a natural look.” (Shindo)

Makeup led by Ikuko Shindo (SHISEIDO)

Brand Official Website:marimekko
Official Site:Rakuten Fashion Week

計良宏文 Hirofumi Kera

計良宏文 - Hirofumi Kera


An artist who is constantly receiving offers from many top creators for his rich expressive ability and overwhelming level of perfection. The first hair&makeup artist to hold a solo exhibition at a public museum in Japan for his activities that revolutionize the concept of hair and makeup.

進藤 郁子 Ikuko Shindo

進藤 郁子 - Ikuko Shindo


Gives inspiration to the fashion-conscious generation with hair and makeup that incorporates Tokyo trends.