Shiseido hair and makeup artists were in charge of hair and makeup at [Marimekko Day in Tokyo]

Shiseido hair and makeup artists were in charge of hair and makeup at [Marimekko Day in Tokyo]

2024.5.18 @WITH HARAJUKU

  • Hirofumi Kera
  • Reiko Ito

marimekko Day in Tokyo 2024 SS

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 14:00, marimekko held its first public fashion show in Japan at WITH HARAJUKU.

A 50's rock band played live music on athe dance floor space that utilized two floors,

The theme of theis 2024 SS Collection was “utilitarianism and minimalism,” with featuring a mix of feminine silhouettes and modern workwear styles.

Shiseido hair and makeup artists wereare in charge of both hair and makeup for this time as chiefs of theis collection, having been previously been in chargerequested to do so atfor the 2024 AW Tokyo Collection.

Hair styling Details

“The key was to make the most of the individuality of each model's hair and make it look as if it had not been styled in any specific way. For models with bob hairstyles, we created clean looks by placing the hair over the ears. For the Western models with fine hair, we used a slim flat iron at the hairline to create a natural, dry texture, and then pulled it into a low ponytail.” (Kera)

Hairstyling by Hirofumi Kera (SHISEIDO)

Makeup Details

A bright shade of pink was applied to the cheeks for a bright makeup look. Color was applied to the lips for a berry-stained look to match the happy mood of the show. (Ito)

Brand Official Website:marimekko

計良宏文 Hirofumi Kera

計良宏文 - Hirofumi Kera


An artist who is constantly receiving offers from many top creators for his rich expressive ability and overwhelming level of perfection. The first hair&makeup artist to hold a solo exhibition at a public museum in Japan for his activities that revolutionize the concept of hair and makeup.

伊藤 礼子 Reiko Ito

伊藤 礼子 - Reiko Ito


She has a reputation among actors and models for makeup that highlights their inner charm and individuality in addition to enhancing their apparent beauty.