[Spring/Summer 2024 Makeup Trends] “Numarase” makeup with hints of sweetness and color - by degree of sweetness -

[Spring/Summer 2024 Makeup Trends] “Numarase” makeup with hints of sweetness and color - by degree of sweetness -

Spring/summer 2024 trend makeup proposed by Shiseido hair and makeup artists.

  • Mikiya Fujioka
  • Rei Matsui
  • Yuki Nishimori
  • Yuko Terada

At the Shiseido Beauty Creation Center, hair and makeup artists, who work at the forefront of trends, research and analyze makeup trends based on the latest fashion collections, such as the Paris Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week, as well as domestic women’s magazines, SNS trends, and interviews with the segment of the population that is highly sensitive to beauty and adopts new things before others. Based on this research, we provide "seasonal makeup" information every season.

A sweet makeup look with transparent colors and a sparkle, with blush as a key feature. The image is sweet with a hint of elegance and "cute with a hint of sophistication". At first glance, it looks sweet and cute, but it also gives off a mature impression. By balancing the overall makeup without overdoing it, it achieves both sweetness and maturity.

LOOK 1 _“Numarase” makeup - Sweet 40 % -

Makeup: Rei Matsui / Hair: Yuko Terada

There are three key points for expressing makeup: the "Light Shadow Eyes" which subtly and naturally create a light shadow; the "Beautiful Skin Veil Cheek" which raises the beauty of the skin to a higher level with a veil-like blush; and the "Purun Lip" which creates bouncy and attractive lips.

Light Shadow Eyes
By using translucent eyeshadows to subtly "plant" shadows on the outlines of the eyes, you can achieve a blended look.

Beautiful skin veil blush
The colour and texture of the blush creates a natural, beautiful skin tone. By spreading a luminous blush over the C-zone, the skin is corrected and given a sexy look.

Plump lips
Use a glossy or sheer lipstick to create rounded lips with a fuller, firmer shape.

LOOK 2 _“Numarase” makeup - Sweet 15% -

Makeup: Yuki Nishimori / Hair: Mikiya Fujioka

Makeup with a hint of color, created with basic colors and textures that blend in with the skin. Gives a noble impression that combines dignified sweetness and refined sexuality.

Light Shadow Eyes
A warm brown color is applied broadly to the lower eyelid to lower the definition of the eyes and create a lovely balanced look. Blending into the skin creates a natural shadow effect.

Veil blush for beautiful skin
A wide application of pearlescent blush gives the skin a translucent and lustrous finish. Choose a blush with a soft color tone to blend in with the skin and give it just the right amount of sweetness.

Plump lips
A glossy lip gives you a sexy look. Over-painting the center of the lips creates a three-dimensional effect and gives them a fuller, firmer look.

藤岡 幹也 Mikiya Fujioka

藤岡 幹也 - Mikiya Fujioka


Renowned for his creative, on-trend hair and makeup.

松井 怜 Rei Matsui

松井 怜 - Rei Matsui


Next generation artist with a talent for set hairstyles.

西森 由貴 Yuki Nishimori

西森 由貴 - Yuki Nishimori


She is responsible for analyzing trends, and she is skilled at expressing things by applying the knowledge she gains from that to hair and makeup. “I want to propose hair and makeup of Japanese origin that is inspirational globally."

寺田 祐子 Yuko Terada

寺田 祐子 - Yuko Terada


Manages beauty trend analysis and collection hair and makeup.

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