[FUMIE=TANAKA] 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Report

[FUMIE=TANAKA] 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Report

Ikuko Shindo was in charge of hair&makeup direction.

  • Ikuko Shindo

Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo for the autumn/winter 2024 season was held from March 11th to 16th, 2024.

For this season, Shiseido hair and makeup artists worked with various brands, including CINOH, DRESSED UNDRESSED, tanakadaisuke, MIKIO SAKABE, MURRAL, Queen & Jack, marimekko, FUMIE=TANAKA, YUKI TORII, and HEōS.

This article reports on the [FUMIE=TANAKA] show.

FUMIE=TANAKA 2024 AW Collection at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO

“In Tanaka’s collection titled OLD BOOK SMELL, she conveyed, ‘We are able to understand that each person’s existence on this earth is special, that each person is living for someone else, that even a moment can be extraordinary, and that the significant experiences and thoughts we accumulate over time make up a life that shines brilliantly. Like old books, I want the clothes I’ve designed to leave a lasting impression for generations to come.’ The autumn/winter ‘24 collection was unveiled at the Akasaka Prince Classic House.” (Shindo)

Hair Details

“Leading up to the show, we discussed the idea of using natural hair and makeup styles to set a mood fitting for the venue and collection. We proposed classic styles that would be natural for people living in that era but that also express the ‘now.’ During the show, we suggested a Gibson Girl* style that wasn’t overly curated and looked like it was created by the models themselves, based on the wishes of designer Fumie Tanaka, who we worked with for several seasons to create the collection.” (Shindo)

*Gibson Girl: The personification of the feminine ideal of physical attractiveness in Western Europe and America from the late 19th to the early 20th century as portrayed in the illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson . The iconic body shape was voluptuous yet tall and slender with S-shaped curves and a signature long, curly hairstyle piled on top of the head in a bouffant, pompadour, or chignon.

Hair direction led by Ikuko Shindo (SHISEIDO)

Hair Details

“I created variations by working with the different hair lengths and textures while keeping in mind that all of the models were from the same time period. Models with shorter hair lengths needed careful attention to create volume, and I was also mindful to leave in some frizz to avoid making the hair look too neat. I think we were able to create a sense of unity in the overall atmosphere and style." – Shindo

Makeup led by Ikuko Shindo (SHISEIDO)

Makeup Details

“Considering the Gibson Girl hairstyle, I kept the makeup subdued and balanced so as not to look too chic or too retro. The skin was lightly sheer and matte and the eyes were left with a natural look. All of the models were wearing red lipstick, but to avoid making them look too uniform and drab, I layered a fluorescent, luminous color to give them a 'fresh red' look. By adding saturation, I was able to achieve an impression that wasn’t too elegant.” (Shindo)

Brand Official Website:FUMIE=TANAKA

進藤 郁子 Ikuko Shindo

進藤 郁子 - Ikuko Shindo


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